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A Must Read Book For Every Woman


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Why you should buy this book

It is a step by step guide on how to make organic creams and soap.
We provide a range of organic skincare, hair care, and body care products that are made with natural and certified organic ingredients.
The recipe is rooted in nature and nature’s ability to REPAIR, REJUVENATE and NURTURE precious skin!
A whole lot of cost will be saved. Forever Young Team.
You now have access to train at your own leisure

Table of Contents

1 Know your skin types, their characteristics and how to care for each skin type

2 Understanding skincare routine

3 Basic equipment and material needed in making skincare products

4 Carrier and Essential oil for different skin type

5 Baby glowing soap

6 Dark knuckle oil

7 Glow Body Butter

8 Skin Repair Body Butter

9 Whitening body scrub

10 Whitening Body Lotion

11 Whitening Shower Gel Extra Whitening Shower Gel

12 Extra Whitening Black Soap

13 Lightening Black Soap

14 Acne and Black Spot Soap

15 Kids Black Soap

16 Snow White Soap

17 Lightening Body Lotion

18 Hot Chocolate Lotion

19 Caramel Face Cream

20 Vitamin C Serum

21 Breast firming oil

22 Boobs/Hips/Bum enlargement

23 Vagina Odour and Tightening

24 Pink Lips

25 Pimples Treatment Cream

26 Stretch Marks Cream

27 Dark Knuckles Treatment Scrub

28 Skin Tag Remedy

29 Caramel Tone Lotion

30 Anti-aging Face Cream

31 Arabian Whitening Body Wash

32 Thailand Whitening Cream

The Book



The book has over One Hundred pages of diverse topics on Organic Skin care.


Each topic is explained in detail, with the aid of pictorial elaboration.

About The Author

My name is Awoniyi Esther. My friends and students prefer to call me Esteem . That's because it's my business name. My passion for looking great made me venture deep into organic skincare. I have coached several people who have either become commercial sellers of organic products or make it for personal use.

It is my pleasure to guide you and help you win your self confidence once again.

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A Must Read For Every Woman

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Buy the printed book for ₦9,999 Buy the ebook for ₦2,500

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